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TWO HEADS CREEK | In the outback family can be deadly





 ‘After the death of their adoptive mother, a shy butcher and his drama queen twin sister leave the UK and adventure to Australia in search of their biological mother, but the local townsfolk of Two Heads Creek are hiding a dark secret: the pair must reconcile their differences to fight for their lives in this playfully dark comedy-horror. 


Director: Jesse O’Brien

Writer: Jordan Waller

Producers: Jayne Chard, Judd Tilyard

Cast: Jordan Waller, Kathryn Wilder, Helen Dallimore, Kevin Harrington, Stephen Hunter, Gary Sweet, Kerry Armstrong


Run time: 85 minutes

Rating: MA15+


“a down under mix of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and, of all things, Acacia Motel. Only with a lot more blood” – VOICES FROM THE BALCONY

“Two Heads Creek deserves to achieve cult status not least for its political jokes and its adept use of some retro rock ‘n’ roll.” – DAVID STRATTON (THE AUSTRALIAN)

“one of the finest horror comedies in Australian film history” – THE CURB

“it could give Evil Dead a run for its money. It’s Wake in Fright if directed by a disciple of early Peter Jackson.” – GAYLY DREADFUL

“A splatter filled satire on Australia’s dark side with plenty of blood, guts and brains, of both the literal and figurative variety” – FILM-INK

“a comedy at heart…it looks like it could swing into The Hills Have Eyes at any moment.” – EXPLOSION NETWORK

“a witty, hilarious take on Ocker culture and Australia’s immigration policy” – GLEN O’BRIEN (LETTERBOXD)

“The best Aussie film I’ve seen all year”NOVA STREAM NETWORK 

“Two Heads Creek rips into racial stereotypes as incisively as it does muscle and bone.” SCREEN SPACE 





The film is distributed in the US via THE HORROR COLLECTIVE and SIGNATURE in the UK.                

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